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Remote sensing
Spatial Data Analytics
3D Visualization
GIS development
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Vectorization & Base Map Generation
Creating spatial catalogue by digitizing on-ground features over high-resolution earth imagery. These features can be flagged as points, lines, or polygons and can be used for visualization, custom thematic mapping, and performing basic vector operations.
DEM & Topographic maps
Modelling and rendering 3D elevation information of the earth surface using image acquisition geometry and state-of-the-art image processing algorithms. The render data can be customized to generate and visualize elevation models (DEM, DSM, DTSM), and Topo maps such as contour maps, relief maps, slope and aspect maps, and 3D projections of land cover and terrain.
Cadastral & Infrastructure Mapping
Maintain, preserve and analyze land information like geometry of parcels, land use type, ownership, and survey numbers etc. through a centralized Land Information Management system and by producing precise Cadastral Maps with near-zero error tolerance. Such records/ maps are particularly useful for city/real-estate planning and development according to zoning regulations, tax assessments and appraisals, land use planning and policymaking, and other related applications.
LULC Dynamics
Using AI and machine learning algorithms over high-resolution earth imagery for high precision classification of on-ground features (land cover) into thematic categories (land use). The state-of-the-art AI algorithms can be used for object-based classification, accuracy assessment, change assessment and evaluation, and land-use future prediction and modelling.
Hydrological & Geological Modelling
Using satellite imagery, geospatial data, and hydro-geological models for real-time and near-real-time simulation of hydrological and geological variables. The rendered data can be customized for interactive visualization and quantitative evaluation of variables such as catchment area, hydrograph, stream-flow, surface run-off, soil maps, precipitation, evapotranspiration, land surface temperature, and other hydro and geological variables.
Hazard Modelling & Risk Assessment
Using high resolution earth imagery and auxiliary topographic information to model and simulate hazard dynamics. The rendered data can be used to identify and categorize hazards, analyze spatial transitions and generate vulnerability maps.
Health GIS
Creating health geodatabase using available public health data. The use of machine learning algorithms with geospatial operations can be used to develop health data dashboard and spatial health catalogue with customizable qualitative assessment and interactive visualization of spatial characteristics of disease diffusion, disease tracking, disease clustering and classification, quality health care index, and precise disease heat maps for related epidemiological studies or research.
Geo Marketing & Retail Analytics
Synthesizing spatial data and time-oriented market dynamics for assessment of geomarketing procedures, regional sentiment analysis, competitive marketing, planning and implementation of sale trends and reporting potential marketing opportunities.
Creating custom GIS applications by utilizing huge geospatial datasets with easy-to-use tools and features that can be accessed over the web, according to client requirements.
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Geospatial Data Collection & Generation
Geospatial Data Collection & Generation
Data Format Conversion
Data Format Conversion
Data Cleaning And Processing
Data Cleaning And Processing
Data Analysis And Report
Data Analysis And Report
Delivery (Maps) And Integration (Mobile/ Web)
Delivery (Maps) And Integration (Mobile/ Web)
Maintenance And Updates
Maintenance And Updates
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